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HHIE office

Hyundai Heavy industries Europe

Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe is located in Geel, Belgium. The past years, additional offices have been established in the UK, Germany and France for support to the local key markets.

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Hyundai booth at Bauma 2013

Hyundai at the European Exhibitions

Every year Hyundai is represented at several exhibitions in Europe. For HHIE it provides the opportunity to meet dealers, customers, operators and fans.

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Hyundai Edge cover

Hyundai Edge Magazine

Hyundai Edge is the quarterly magazine of the global Hyundai Construction Equipment division.

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Hyundai Europe PDI

Hyundai Logistics Centre Europe

All construction machines and forklifts arrive by ship and are thoroughly inspected at the Hyundai Logistics & PDI Centre (Antwerp) before further dispatch to dealers and customers in Europe.

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merchandise store

Hyundai merchandising

We offer a wide variety of Hyundai branded merchandising. Ranging from miniatures to clothes. Please visit one of our dealers across Europe for more information.

Annual report

Annual Report Hyundai Global

Including the financial results for the year 2014. 

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HHIE training centre


The Hyundai Training Centre is located near the European head office in Geel. Every year, salesmen and technicians from all over Europe attend the Hyundai Academy to keep their knowledge up-to-date.  



Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has it's head quarter in Ulsan, Korea. The key to our success lies in the "Hyundai Spirit," the spirit that was created by HHI'S founder, Chung Ju Yung.

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NH Cover

New Horizons magazine

New Horizons is a quarterly magazine with a global scope on all industrial activities by the Hyundai Heavy Industries group. Need-to-read literature for investors and business analists.

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